Lock Out / Tag Out

To keep ourselves safe when we are working and maintaining machines, we desperately need LOTO. Lock Out/Tag Out is a way for us to guarantee that there is no hazardous energy in the system. Exposure to hazardous energy could result in serious injury or even death. We need to prevent these types of accidents by implementing LOTO and keeping energy locked away when we are maintaining our equipment. We can use personal¬†locks as a physical barrier¬†as a way to ensure that no hazardous energy get through. And as a team we can use a group lock out system to keep it organized and also controlled. Another option is to use the appropriate LOTO device to keep something turned off. And it’s also a good idea to throw a lock on that too.

Explore our LOTO products and make sure you purchase the items your programs needs to be successful. There is never a good reason to put anyone at risk ever.