Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Sampling

Industrial hygiene is basically making sure that nothing in the area is dangerous.  We do this by simply monitoring the air or water in the work area. Sometimes a sample is created but sometimes results are immediate. And it really comes down to how you’re are monitoring and what you are looking for. Examples of dangerous situations could be air that has too many small particles in it. Or maybe the air doesn’t have enough oxygen; you can believe that will cause you some trouble.

Using certain machines we can actually know how much oxygen is in our air. In fact, we can know a lot of things about our work environment too. We can know how much light there is and then we can adjust it if we need to. Or even how much noise is in the area. Some industrial applications even need to keep track of any potential emitting radiation.

After we know how dangerous our area is, we can compare it to the official Permissible Exposure Limit literature published by OSHA. If we are over the limit, we simply take specific actions to reduce our levels and protect our employees. Shop our website for useful instruments that will enable you be knowledgeable about where you stand.