Self Retracting Lanyards

Also known as a Yo-Yo

You’re gonna want one. These things are simply fantastic. You simply replace your lanyard with it and watch it fly. While you work, self retracting lanyards have a light pulling force that keeps the metal cable up off the floor and always gathers the excess back into the case. This way the yo-yo stays clean and can always detect when someone falls. And when they fall the self retracing lanyard instantly reacts by denying any more cable to release and absorbs the coming impact. Traditional lanyards may need up to 16 feet of distance to employ its absorption. Most high elevation jobs don’t have 16 feet. A self retracting lanyard needs approximately  3 feet to stop the fall. In addition, many yo-yo’s have a feature to limit how much cable is released. This keeps workers from getting near a leading edge and preventing a fall completely. Shop our selection of devices that best fit your need. Trust me, you’re gonna love them.

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