Spill Kits

Spills Create Hazards

Oil spills in the work place create a very dangerous, unanticipated hazard. Oil is highly flammable and will always seek out the path of least resistance to the lowest level possible. In addition, spills can create a very contaminated environment if it escapes to the soil. Spill kits are the ideal way to combat them. Drums and packs come self contained to accommodate the size of the spill. Simply store them in a location that is more risky for a spill. And when the occasion appears pull it out and follow the directions. Don’t forget to dispose of the container properly afterward. We must also consider other types of spills that create hazards. An injury can leave workers exposed to a potential bloodborne pathogen. Pick up a bloodborne pathogen kit and mount it next to your first aid kit and reduce the transfer of malicious diseases.

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