Emergency Eyewash

Eyewash Stations Save Eyes…and Money

Let’s talk numbers. A refill of the biggest eyewash station bottle runs about $17. When used properly, it can flush out a hazardous particle from someones eye. The particles hasn’t been inside long enough to do any real damage at all and everyone goes back to work. But without that eyewash bottle, someone would need to visit the emergency room or an InstaCare clinic which runs on average $1,200. Or if the employee just ignored it and let it fester for a day, it may eventually rust in the eyeball and require a procedure to remove all of it. That can run anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. The doctor actually has to grind out the rust with a tool; its very uncomfortable and very expensive. Emergency eyewash stations can be portable, plumbed or come in a mobile bottle. But they will always provide your facility with constant, uninterrupted protection. And it’s not just money either. Eyewash stations, properly implemented, will reduce recordable incidents and DART rates. If yourfacility is at risk, I highly recommend you get yourself some eyewash stations.

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