Online EHS Supply About

Welcome To Our Site!

We are absolutely thrilled you are here! Like most professionals, you want to know who you are dealing with before you put that corporate AMEX card into a website. Am I right?

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to you, our current & future customers, to not only provide them with a secure shopping experience online, but to follow up with any problems they may have and help them feel confident you can do business with us.

How We Work

Take a few moments and get to know us a little bit. We're confident you'll like what you find.

The Owners

Our Mission

The owners of Online EHS Supply are budding entrepreneurs who own and run several small start ups. We are a small family operated company who are using their skill set and experience to help add value to other people and business. We are open for business!

We are committed to really getting you the equipment and supplies that you want and need. Running or managing EHS programs require attention to many different aspects and we're here to take the load off. We are committed to making your shopping experience is simple, easy and flawless. If there is a problem with billing, shipping, or even the product itself, we will do anything to make it good.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with issues, requests, suggestions, or even compliments. We would love to hear from you and get to know you.

Our Credentials

Our team is made up of safety professionals with industrial experience and certifications. We know what it's like out there. When you talk with us about what you need, we understand. We've been there. Here are a few things straight from our resume's.

  • Construction
  • Petrochemical
  • Electrical Generation
  • Steel Recycling Melt Shop
  • Fire Repression
  • General Manufacturing
  • Food Preparation Industry
  • CPR and First Aid Trainer Certified
  • Certified Safety Professional Certification (CSP)
  • Associate Safety Professional Certification (ASP)